Nose Breeze

Breath Freely, Anywhere

The Difference

Active (Beige)

For normal to oily skin

Sensitive (Clear)

For sensitive or dry skin

The Product


Soft breathable layer

Plastic reinforcement layer

Adhesive layer 

Isolation protection layer


Soft breathable layer

Plastic reinforcement layer

Adhesive layer 

Isolation protection layer

How To Use

1. Preparation and cleaning:

Start by gently washing your nose with a little soap and water. Make sure it is clean and free of oils and dirt.

nose stripe step 1

2. Attach the Nose Breeze nose strip:

Position the strip so that the bridge is flush with the center of your nose. Press both ends of the nose strip lightly at the same time.

Nose Stripe step 2

3. take a deep breath!

Breathe in deeply and enjoy the feeling of breathing more easily.

nose stripe step 3

Lightweight, easy and comfortable to wear!


Nose Breeze nasal strips are easy to attach and can ensure better breathing for hours.


The skin-friendly adhesive ensures that the strip stays in place, and it is just as easy to remove.


Imagine starting every day feeling like you've had a fantastic night's sleep, wherever you are.


Are you satisfied with the Nose Breeze, but want the ultimate?

Pol Espargaro Noson Nasal Dilator

The Noson nasal dilator gives you an extra boost!
Even more air and with the extra WOW effect!


Our quest for perfection...

Every single Nose Breeze nasal strip is the result of meticulous research developed in Switzerland to meet the highest standards in everyday life.

Our mission is to enable you to sleep better, perform better and live a more rested and better life.


Our nasal strips are designed to provide a refreshing sensation and may help you breathe more easily. Nasal strips are adhesive strips that are applied externally to the nose. They typically contain a spring-like band that, when properly applied, helps to lift and open the nostrils. This action can alleviate nasal congestion, make breathing through the nose easier, and reduce snoring.

Many people find our nasal strips helpful for a variety of situations, such as during exercise or when feeling congested. Additionally, athletes may use nasal strips to enhance oxygen intake during physical activities. If you have any concerns about your nasal or breathing issues, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional to find the best solution for you.

Nasal plasters typically feature two elastic plastic strips integrated into a specialized adhesive. When applied to the nose, these strips gently separate the nostrils, facilitating easier nasal breathing. The patches can also contribute to minimizing snoring sounds. Various types of nasal patches cater to diverse needs, including those designed for athletes to enhance oxygenation, or others aimed at addressing nasal congestion and related issues.

In contrast, the Nose Breeze stands out with its innovative design, incorporating three plastic strips for enhanced effectiveness. This unique feature sets it apart from the competition, making it a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of applications.

To prevent skin irritation, it is advised to wear the Nose Breeze nasal plaster for a maximum of 8 hours continuously.

If you have a sensitive nose, it’s advisable not to exceed usage more than once or twice a week to prevent potential skin irritation.

Nasal plasters have the potential to facilitate easier breathing through the nose and minimize snoring sounds. It’s important to note that snoring can have various causes, and while nasal plasters may be beneficial for some, they are not universally recommended.

Approximately 40% of individuals may experience an improvement in snoring noises by using nasal plasters, and 70% report better and deeper sleep, leading to a more refreshed feeling the next day. The frequency of nasal plaster use varies based on individual circumstances. For those dealing with persistent snoring, nightly application may be suitable. However, if occasional nasal congestion is the concern, nasal plasters can be used as needed.

There are several instructions on the internet for making nose plasters yourself.
One option is to use a piece of rubber sewing thread and a fixation plaster.
To do this, the rubber sewing thread is placed in the middle of the fixation plaster and the plaster is stuck to the nose.
The rubber sewing thread gently pulls the nostrils apart, making it easier to breathe through the nose.
There are also other methods of making your own nose plasters, but We recommend that you inform yourself thoroughly beforehand and consult a doctor or pharmacist if necessary.

We kindly ask for your understanding that, due to the nature of this hygiene product, returns cannot be accepted once the item has been opened.

We offer worldwide delivery of our products. For orders outside of Switzerland, no VAT is included in the initial purchase, as it will be separately invoiced by the postal service upon receipt. Shipping is exclusively handled through the Swiss Post and is sent via the shipping method selected in the purchase from Switzerland. While insured shipping incurs higher costs, it ensures secure delivery and provides the option to track the package. This method not only safeguards against loss but also offers customers the convenience of monitoring the shipment’s progress.

If the buyer opts for the more cost-effective shipping option, they assume full responsibility for any loss of the goods, and no claims for compensation can be made. The buyer bears the risk associated with this choice.

Please be aware that import regulations vary in each country worldwide, and there is a possibility that customs duty, import taxes, or VAT may be required, depending on local laws and exemption limits. Customers are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the import regulations in their respective countries to ascertain whether such charges apply.

For orders outside of Switzerland, please note that no VAT is included in the initial purchase. Instead, it may be directly invoiced by the postal service upon receipt of the shipment. This process is subject to local laws and exemption limits, and the applicability of such charges is determined by the destination country.

Improve your nasal breathing in a natural way, purely mechanically and without medicinal ingredients.

The Nose Breeze is available via our webshop and selected resellers.

Here’s your ticket to better breathing:

Everything back to square one:
Before you dive in, make sure your nose is ready for the strip party. Cleanse your outer nostrils with a wash and a quick dry. No oily business, please!

Strategic Placement:
It’s all about positioning, positioning, positioning! Stick the strip right above where your nose decides to flare out. Precision is the key to success.

Seal the Deal:
Time to seal the nasal strip deal. Gently press the Nasen stip to your nose for 5 seconds and rub it into place, voilà! Take a deep breath, my friend; you’re officially on the path to superior airflow.

Farewell, Strip:
When it’s time to bid adieu to your trusty strip, give your face a warm water splash for 10 seconds. Then gently pull the nose strip off your nostrils.

The Nose Breeze comes in a one-size-fits-all design, which basically fits any adult nose.

Can Nose Breeze really help me sleep better? Yes, it may! Better breathing means better sleep. Even subtle breathing difficulties from nasal congestion can lead to tossing and turning, fitful or disruptive sleep, waking up frequently, or waking up tired. Nose Breeze nasal strips open your nose, helping you take in air more easily.

Absolutely! Picture this: Better breathing paving the way to dreamland bliss. Those subtle nighttime battles with nasal congestion? They could be the culprits behind your tossing, turning, and waking up feeling like you’ve run a marathon in your sleep. Enter Nose Breeze nasal strips – the champions of easy breathing. They throw open the doors (or rather, your nostrils) to smoother airflow, making it a breeze for you to inhale the good stuff. Say goodbye to fitful nights and frequent wake-up calls, and hello to a well-deserved, truly rejuvenating sleep. Trust us, your mornings will thank you!

If you’re allergic to the fantastic trio of solvent-, rubber-, and water-based adhesives, we’d recommend sitting this nasal strip party out. Hold your horses if your skin is feeling a bit irked or sun-kissed, or if there are any sores in the vicinity – our strips need a calm canvas to work their magic. Remember, patience is key; don’t let the strip crash at your place for more than 8 hours a day. It’s all about that healthy relationship with your skin! And here’s a golden rule: if a rash or any irritation decides to gatecrash your nasal nirvana, it’s time to bid adieu to the strip. Lastly, keep these gems out of the reach of the little ones, and please, no creative applications – these strips are strictly for external nose use. Let’s keep the adventures confined to the nose, shall we? 


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